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Grape Ribbed Merino PonchoNew In

Grape Ribbed Merino Poncho

Style Number: A20213

price AUD$149.99

Beige Faux Fur Trim PonchoNew In

Beige Faux Fur Trim Poncho

Style Number: A20059

price AUD$159.99

Black Faux Fur PonchoNew In

Black Faux Fur Poncho

Style Number: A20061

price AUD$129.99

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Women’s Ponchos & Capes

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Be captivated by Blue Illusion’s must-have collection of women’s ponchos and capes. You need never sacrifice style and sophistication for functional warmth, with our range perfectly suited to every winter and spring wardrobe. Our magnifique selection of ponchos and capes for women cast elegant silhouettes for every figure, tastefully balancing comfort with chic, feminine style. Crafted from a range of premium fibres including merino wool, mohair, and cotton, our ponchos and capes create a sense of classic luxury. With a range of tasteful and timeless colours and prints, you’ll find our collection perfectly suited to every wardrobe.

Ponchos - Elegant Sophistication without compromising on warmth & comfort

Blue Illusion ponchos and capes project a classic French sense of style while remaining functional and comfortable. Enhanced by premium fibres such as mohair and merino wool, our ponchos and capes balance sophistication, chic fashion, and versatility. No matter your taste or the weather, Blue Illusion’s ponchos and capes are a must-have.

Pair with our essential Blue Illusion Bengajean® for an elegant French-inspired streetwear look, and complete the outfit with our stylish women's boots. For cooler days, our women’s scarves create a classic winter-inspired ensemble, while pairing a poncho or cape with our women’s dresses creates spring sophistication. For truly trans-seasonal style, our ponchos and capes are essential.

What Size Poncho Should I Buy?

Ponchos are typically loose-fitting, often creating chic and eye-catching layered looks. When selecting a poncho, consider that the style is naturally oversized, though it shouldn’t hang so low as to get in your way. Ponchos are also often used to create a look which is heavier on the top and lighter below, such as when paired with the Blue Illusion Bengajean®. The perfect poncho size is one which accentuates a free-flowing look while still allowing other elements of your outfit to shine through.

To find your perfect poncho size, refer to our size guide.

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep. It is an incredibly soft, natural fibre, prized for its luxurious feel, warmth, and versatility. In our ponchos and capes, Merino wool creates a garment which transcends seasons, insulating in the winter while remaining light and delicate in the warmer months.

As a natural fibre, Merino wool needs particular care. Avoid over-washing with regular aeration and, when washing, turn the garment inside out to reduce pilling. Reduce the likelihood of stretching Merino wool clothing by storing folded on a flat surface.

For more information on caring for merino wool, consult our fabric care guide.

How should I style a poncho or cape?

Ponchos and capes can elevate any outfit. For a fashionable warm-weather look, create layers with a poncho draped over our women’s dresses, or lean into the classic contrast of an oversized poncho played off a pair of slim women's pants or Blue Illusion Bengajean®. When the winter chill arrives, accessorise with one of our women’s scarves to create a quintessential French-inspired look.