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Wild Bloom Border Scarf

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Geranium Bouquet Silk Scarf

Geranium Bouquet Silk Scarf

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Women’s Scarves

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Blue Illusion offers a chic collection of scarves for every kind of rendez-vous . Delight your wardrobe with a new love-forever wool scarf, an event-ready silk scarf, or a faux fur scarf to add a layer of instant glamour.

Add a so Frenchy, so chic, neck scarf to turn any outfit into a showcase of sophistication. A women’s neckerchief is, after all, probably the most vital staple of a French wardrobe. A silk scarf around the neck, printed or plain, can be worn year-round, even in summer.

When it’s really cold and you want something snug, a wool scarf or a knitted scarf can be draped around the neck, resulting in a sumptuous cascade of fabric to soften any outfit.

Blue Illusion’s stunning selection of scarves for women are parfait for those who love to add eye-catching colour or texture to their outfits. Browse through our chic collection of scarves today.

Perfect to pair with Blue Illusion’s tops, jackets and Bengajeans

With a few simple yet elegant tips on how to wear your scarf, women can easily elevate any of their outfits. Blue Illusion scarves are a versatile accessory, no matter the season. A scarf can be worn as a statement or to add.

Wear a thinner, smaller silk scarf around the neck with a lovely top and a soft women’s cardigan , a pair of Blue Illusion’s Bengajean® or something from our gorgeous collection of skirts , and an elegant pair of boots or shoes. This is a great trans-seasonal look, but a silk scarf can also be worn with a dress in summer or a top and some chic women’s shorts .

Above all, a thick wool or knitted scarf will keep you cosy and warm when you need it. Simply wrap it around your neck however it feels good and wear it with your favourite coat or knitwear piece.

How to wear and style your women’s scarf

Scarves are essential in any wardrobe as understated accessories, statement pieces, and weatherproofing garments. Once you know all the ways one can wear a scarf, the possibilities are limitless.

With some guidance on how to tie a scarf, women can adorn themselves as confidently as the French in a lightweight silk scarf in the warmer months, or a textured women’s knitted or wool scarf.

A silk scarf can be knotted in various ways around the neck, and can even be tied around your head, a handbag, or your ponytail. For that classic neckerchief look, fold your scarf in half to create a triangle, centre it on your neck and wrap the ends around. Tie a knot or leave it loose et voila!

Hang a heavier scarf such as a knitted or wool scarf around your neck and simply flick each end over the opposite shoulder. The result is effortlessly cool and très chic .

How to take care of your scarf

A silk scarf requires delicate care. Hand wash your scarf with mild, silk-friendly laundry liquid, or have it dry-cleaned if its care instructions allow. Store it in a garment bag with a natural moth repellent. If it becomes creased, lightly steam it under a press cloth. Don’t spray perfume onto a silk scarf or women’s neckerchief, as silk can easily stain.

Your wool scarf will also need some thoughtful care to prolong its life. Avoid over-washing it, and opt to air out your garment instead. Wool can be prone to stretching, so it’s best to fold a wool scarf rather than hanging it to maintain its shape.