Monet’s Muse – Who Could She Be?

Find out who the Impressionist’s mystery woman was. 

I am following Nature without being able to grasp her … I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

Impressionist Claude Monet marvels in the elusive charm of our worldly lady, Mother Nature.

 Monet at his Giverny home.

Claude Monet at his home in Giverny, date unknown.

Taking note on Monet’s muse, Jardin Du Aquatic is a lovely addition to the Art Series spring line. The range romances Claude Monet’s pièce de résistance, his garden. Embarking on a floral affair with the impressionist’s ‘Water Lilies’ art series.

On display at the National Gallery of Victoria (an ‘eye candy’ exhibition!), Donna cosied up to the watermark magic of Monet herself. “His paintings are even more beautiful in real life. You actually feel like you are there with his roses, water lilies and willows in Giverny, ” says Donna. “It was breath-taking.”

 Monet's Garden

The Giverny garden today.

“Even when Monet lost his sight he didn't loose his memory of what his beloved garden looked liked,” Donna shares. “His imagination and talent to paint moving objects was incredible.”

 Monet at his Giverny home.

Claude Monet in his gardens at Giverny, date unknown.




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