How to Style Your Scarf à la Française

Model wearing a black singlet with the Blue Illusion x Olivia Newton-John Butterfly Scarf

Let’s face it ladies, getting dressed to go out is no easy feat. It takes a great deal of preparation to discover a look that suits you, to find shoes to match your ensemble, and devote precious time to do your makeup. Only to find … that something still does not look quite right. It feels like a piece of your fashion puzzle is still missing. As if your outfit is somehow not complete yet. Oh, non!

Our solution? A scarf. Pourquois? A scarf is a fabulous way to upgrade your look – with a dash à la Française. Known in French as an écharpe, it’s a magical accessory every French woman can’t live without. The best news? Is that with practise, it’s quite easy to style too!


How A Scarf Can Uplift Your Style

Samantha Harris wearing Blue Illusion x World Vision Scarf

A scarf can spruce up a casual everyday look. It brings a sense of charme and warmth when married with a long coat in winter. And if worn elegantly … can silently speak volumes when it comes to making a grand fashion statement.

Keen to tie a scarf à la Française? Fear not mademoiselles! For in this blog, we will guide you through our top 6 scarf looks to adopt for day-to-night glamour, from winter through to summer in parfait Parisian style.


Types Of Scarves

Before you set out to shop for your favori scarf – it’s important to understand the difference between the material, texture, thickness, and size of a scarf, that will dictate what you will buy when, and how they can be styled. For instance, a heavy scarf is usually made of a heavier fabric to suit the cooler months, while a lightweight scarf will look great in the warmer months and can be versatile enough to wear around the neck or as a cute headscarf. Cest mignon!

Model wearing Blue Illusion x Olivia Newton-John Limited Edition Scarf

Ready to begin? Let’s look and learn how to tie a scarf 3 ways through the cooler seasons…


The Autumn/Winter Scarf

Wearing a scarf in autumn or winter is a staple must-have – to warm up our bodies and keep us feeling cosy. So, this requires a scarf made with a heavy material, like a wool or cashmere fabric. According to the French fashion experts, an autumn or winter scarf will be the size of a long narrow rectangle and its width can range from 20cm to up to 2m long. They come in a variety of colours, and you can either choose one to match your coat, jazz your autumn look up with a contrasting colour, or even choose a bright colour or print to really perk yourself up on a dreary winter’s day. Best of all? The heavy scarf look can be perfected in three distinct ways.


How To Tie A Scarf In Winter

The French Stole Style:

Three models wearing various scarves

Ever wondered how a French fashionista wears a scarf almost like a stole - so effortlessly over her shoulder come winter? It’s simpler to achieve than you think!

Place your scarf behind your neck, so the two flaps are facing outwards. Then, simply flip one end over the opposite shoulder, leaving the other flap exposed. As if you’ve absentmindedly thrown it on last minute as you rush out the front door to meet friends for a morning coffee dash. Très effortless, n'est ce pas?

The Fringy Style:

Three models wearing various scarves

Care to wear your stylish, fringy scarf as a conversation starter? Simply place your scarf around your neck facing backwards, and then flip each end of the scarf around and right underneath your scarf fold. Then tie the flaps over one another and lay them flat, so they subtly sit on top of each other neatly, fringes showing. To keep it looking more laissez-faire, widen the flaps slightly apart. If your scarf is longer, tie your scarf around your neck with your long flaps lying flat and on top of one another for a more easy-breezy look. All three ways will no doubt create a lovely addition to your coat, jacket, or even over a blouse. Merveilleux!

The Statement Scarf Style:

Three models wearing various scarves

Keen to wear your scarf inside as a statement overlay, over your rib knit or plain long-sleeved cotton top? We’ve got a trick up our sleeve! Fold your scarf in half, place your scarf backwards around your neck, and then flip each end of the scarf forward. Then loosely tie the scarf flaps under the thick fold letting the flaps sit elegantly and flatly side by side. Cest super!


The Spring/Summer Scarf

Wearing a scarf in spring or summer is more like wearing an extra fashion accessory. According to those ‘in the know’, a summer scarf is called a foulard, a thinner material that adds a touché de classe as the weather warms up. So, this requires a scarf made with a silk, chiffon, or thin viscose material, in the shape of a square or rectangle, to be exacte, and smaller than the average winter scarf. Fit for fashion, and nothing else. They really shine when printed with a pattern of paisley, check or floral and can boost your fashion look in the blink of an eye. The look du jour? It’s best worn in a knot with a French Trench or a blazer. Best of all? The summer scarf look can be perfected in 3 distinct ways. Mais, oui!


How To Tie a Scarf in Spring/ Summer

Ever wondered how a fabulously French femme wears a lightweight scarf so effortlessly around her neck in a fancy double knot? If this is the kind of level you wish to conquer on your scarf journey, Then, let’s get ready, get set, and go…

The Classic French Knot:

Three models wearing various scarves

If you love a sweet look à la Française, then you’ll love this classic French Knot! Firstly, fold up your scarf into one thin triangular shape. Secondly, wrap the triangular band around your neck and pull the two ends from behind your neck and bring them back to the front. Finish by tying a knot just under your chin. Best of all? You can either keep the knot to the front or you can slightly turn the scarf so that the knot lies by the side of your neck. Then finish with a double knot. Si mignon!

The French Pussy Bow Style:

A look more fitting for a fashionable soirée, or if you’re keen, as your everyday look - the French Pussy Bow Style is one look anyone can master. All that’s needed? Is a mirror to guide you. Simply place your favori long rectangular lightweight scarf behind your neck and tie it in front and slightly off-centre. Then create a huge bow and swing the scarf to the side, so the bow sits over your shoulder. Voilà, cest si bon!

The French Tie:

Four models wearing various scarves

Fancy a great look for spring, especially when the weather is getting warmer? If you just want a finished look that is more polished than casual, get inspired by the innocent ‘French Tie look’. And … a thin handkerchief is all you’ll need to get this parfait look. Simply place your scarf around your neck, and then tie the flaps in a knot (or loosely) in the centre of your neck. The let the flips lie flat beside each other, to resemble a men’s tie. Merveilleux!

So, there you have it, a guide on how to style your scarf à la Française throughout autumn, winter, spring, and summer. To add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’, to your seasonal wardrobe!


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