Social Compliance Policy

Blue Illusion is recognised for the superior quality of its products and its commitment to the highest legal and ethical social compliance standards. At Blue Illusion, we lead by example by adhering to these standards our self and we have an expectation that all vendors and sub-contractors involved in producing our products, including those located outside Australia will also adhere to these commitments within our social compliance policy.

As we expand our sourcing base through strategic alliances, we will only do business with vendors and sub-contractors whose practices meet our high standards and whose values are compatible with ours.


Blue Illusion is committed to conducting business in an ethical and lawful manner and will only do business with vendors and sub-contractors whose ethical beliefs, standards and values are compatible with our own. 


Blue Illusion understands the importance of protecting a person’s Human Rights and have implemented specific expectations in the following areas:


Every employee and worker including migrant workers will not be subjected to any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social group or ethnic origin.


We will not tolerate the use of child labour under any circumstances. At Blue Illusion, we have aligned our expectations to the ILO (International Labour Organization) Conventions 138 and 182. No person shall be employed under the age of 16 or younger than the legal age for employment, whichever is higher.


All workers must be provided with written employment contracts in languages easily understood by workers at the time of commencing their employment.


Blue Illusion recognise the importance of regular employment for workers, and the need for a worker to earn a regular income that meets the workers basic needs and provides a discretionary income including supporting his/her family.


Blue Illusion expect that all vendors and sub-contractors will pay workers in accordance with the applicable legal requirements of the State or Country of manufacture, including all regulations pertaining to minimum wage, overtime, maximum work hours, benefits, and any other conditions of compensation as mandated by applicable law or contract. 


Workers ordinary working hours must not exceed the legal limit in the region or country of manufacture while aligning to the ILO expectation that a regular working week shall never exceed 48 hours per week and overtime hours must not exceed the number allowed by the law of the country and if no such limit exists, overtime work should not exceed 12 hours per week in total. All overtime work must be compensated in accordance with the law at premium rates. Other than in exceptional circumstances, the sum of a workers regular and overtime hours in a week shall not exceed 60 hours.


Blue Illusion is committed to the elimination of all forms of forced, indentured (including prison labour), involuntary, compulsory and uncompensated labour including all aspects of Modern Slavery.


Blue Illusion respects and promotes freedom of association for all workers including the right of workers to collectively bargain. Blue Illusion will only do business with vendors and sub-contractors that provide healthy, non-hazardous work environments and never utilize mental or physical disciplinary practices, such as intimidation, threats or harassment of any kind.


Blue Illusion maintains a safe, clean, healthy and productive environment for its employees and expects the same from its vendors and sub-contractors. 


All vendors and sub-contractors must adhere to the Blue Illusion Banned Substances and Practices List which ensures these banned substances and processes are not used in or on any Blue Illusion product. Blue Illusion also expects suppliers and sub-contractors will adhere to national and international standards for animal welfare.


Blue Illusion takes a proactive stance regarding environmental and community issues through its business practices. As responsible corporate citizens, we will only use those vendors who share our commitment to the community and the environment, and who comply with international and local requirements regarding environmental codes and guidelines in an effort to minimise negative effects on the environment. We will favour vendors who contribute to the community in the areas of education, health care, and other related social programs.


Blue Illusion complies with all economic and trade sanctions laws in all jurisdictions in which it operates and commits to comply with all requirements of Australian sanctions regimes both within Australia and abroad as highlighted on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website ( We expect vendors will comply with all applicable import and export regulations


If you believe any of the rights or principles we seek to uphold have been violated, please contact Blue Illusion through any of these channels:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Toll Free: AU: 1800 208 205

                            NZ: 0800 208 205