World Baptist Aid

Statement in response to World Baptist Aid

16 April 2018

At Blue Illusion, we take extreme pride in producing superior quality garments and our commitment to the highest legal and ethical standards of social compliance throughout our supply chain. We understand the impact the production of our products has on people and the environment, and it will continue to be our aim to make this impact as positive as possible.

Blue Illusion appreciates opportunities to learn from organisations like Baptist World Aid who help provide a compass for garment retailers, to navigate through the complex and sensitive process of production whilst ensuring fair and ethical trade to all people involved. 

We take a proactive stance on environmental and community issues throughout our business practices. We will only engage with vendors who share our commitment to the community and the environment, and who comply with international and local requirements regarding environmental codes and guidelines to minimize negative effects on the environment.

Recently, our focus has been on increasing the use of sustainable and organic fabrics to produce our garments. We are working with GOTS, OEKO-TEX and BCI to ensure the production of these natural fibres has as little impact on the environment as possible.

As always, no less than 95% of our range is produced using natural fibres. This is twofold in decreasing negative impacts to people and to the environment; meaning minimal to no toxic exposure to the workers when compared to using manmade materials, and less impact to the environment as natural fibres are more easily broken down after discarding.

Although we are proud of our high standards and the achievements we have made to date, we are also aware of the journey we are on in achieving complete transparency and control of the supply chain to achieve a neutral, and where possible, positive impact along the way.

Whilst we will continue to produce environmentally conscious, high-quality garments, our focus will now concentrate on ensuring new levels of ethical trade throughout our supply chain. Blue Illusion has committed to employing the services of an external specialist to help guide us through this mission.

It is our aim as a responsible business, to offer garments to our customers who feel confident they have not only purchased a superior quality product, but they have also purchased a conscious product and support our mission of responsible and ethical trade.

World Baptist Aid in Response to Blue Illusion Statement

18th April 2018

Baptist World Aid are encouraged by Blue Illusions intent to invest in strengthening its labour rights systems. We consider their commitment to improve transparency and leverage as crucial steps towards being accountable to the public and having a positive impact on the lives of workers. We look forward to examining any new initiatives in future Ethical Fashion Reports and sharing what we find.

Gershon Nimbalker
Advocacy Manager

Baptist World Aid Australia