Chyka Keebaugh Collaboration

Chyka Keebaugh x Blue Illusion

Our latest Chyka collaboration has landed! Become uplifted by these vibrant and beautiful pieces that have been inspired by Chyka's vivacious spirit. This collection features two exclusive garments and three stunning accessories to match, showcasing our eye-catching Fête du Printemps floral print. Lovingly crafted just in time for the celebratory season ahead, celebrate your 'joie de vivre' in our newest Chyka collaboration. Available in-store and online now.

“Together with Chyka we've created a very special collection that's all about coming together and celebrating life with those we love." - Donna Guest, Creative Director

Learn More About Chyka

Chyka Keebaugh is an inspiring Australian businesswoman, author, home stylist and friend of Blue Illusion, known for inspiring her audience to celebrate and live life to it's fullest. With a talent for creating beauty wherever she goes, Chyka has built a loyal fanbase through her unique ideas, vibrant personality and exceptional taste. Visit to learn more.