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Boat Neck Landscape T-ShirtNew In

Boat Neck Landscape T-Shirt

Style Number: 19889CBP

price AUD$99.99

Button Detail JumperNew In

Button Detail Jumper

Style Number: 515902MBM

price AUD$199.99

Button Detail Silk BlouseNew In

Button Detail Silk Blouse

Style Number: 115865SKM

price AUD$249.99

Button Side Detail JumperNew In

Button Side Detail Jumper

Style Number: 515881CCM

price AUD$169.99

Cable Jacquard TopNew In

Cable Jacquard Top

Style Number: 115876CBJ

price AUD$99.99

Cotton Bobble KnitNew In

Cotton Bobble Knit

Style Number: 515863CNM

price AUD$189.99

Merino Rib KnitNew In

Merino Rib Knit

Style Number: 515866MWM

price AUD$169.99

Mohair Blend Knit Cardi New In

Mohair Blend Knit Cardi

Style Number: 513824MBM

price AUD$299.99

Organic Cotton Tank

Organic Cotton Tank

Style Number: 18767OCM

  • Ink
  • Rouge
  • White

now from AUD$20.00 to AUD$49.99

Printed Cotton Silk Blouse

Printed Cotton Silk Blouse

Style Number: 115874CSP

price AUD$199.99

Printed Satin Jacket

Printed Satin Jacket

Style Number: 515873VCP

price AUD$249.99

Printed Shirred TopNew In

Printed Shirred Top

Style Number: 115868VCP

price AUD$99.99

Printed Silk BlouseNew In

Printed Silk Blouse

Style Number: 115895SKP

price AUD$199.99

Printed Twist Neck Jersey TopNew In

Printed Twist Neck Jersey Top

Style Number: 19848VEP

price AUD$99.99

Relaxed Polo T-ShirtNew In

Relaxed Polo T-Shirt

Style Number: 115882CBM

price AUD$129.99

Roll Neck Wool JumperNew In

Roll Neck Wool Jumper

Style Number: 515871MWM

price AUD$189.99

Smocked Cotton Printed TopNew In

Smocked Cotton Printed Top

Style Number: 115857CNP

price AUD$169.99

Twist Neck Flounce TopNew In

Twist Neck Flounce Top

Style Number: 115904VCM

price AUD$149.99

Wool Cashmere JumperNew In

Wool Cashmere Jumper

Style Number: 515896WCM

price AUD$199.99

Wool Jersey TeeNew In

Wool Jersey Tee

Style Number: 19850MWM

  • Chocolate Twist

price AUD$129.99

Wool Rib KnitNew In

Wool Rib Knit

Style Number: 513920MWM

price AUD$189.99

Lattice Jacquard Cardigan

Lattice Jacquard Cardigan

Style Number: 515756WBJ

price AUD$199.99

Ribbed V Neck Wool Jumper

Ribbed V Neck Wool Jumper

Style Number: 513912MOM

price AUD$189.99

Jacquard Swing Top

Jacquard Swing Top

Style Number: 19866CBJ

30% Off Applied at Checkout

price AUD$99.99

Showing 1 to 24 of 101

Women’s Tops

Browse through our range of women’s tops

Build the wardrobe of your dreams with our stunning range of tops, beginning with the basics you love, from our long sleeve blouses, to our silk blouses, kaftans , and more. Our range includes seasonal exclusives that showcase vibrant and playful prints. Whether you are searching for pieces that put comfort at the forefront, or something for that special occasion, our offering of women’s long sleeve tops has something for all women. Any outfit can instantly be elevated with a timeless long sleeve blouse from the Blue Illusion catalogue. Mix, match, and find your own unique style with our neutral palettes, vibrant colourways, and seasonal prints. Add a chic pairing to our women’s tops on cooler days by pairing yours with one of our cardigans, jackets, or overcoats. We love adding a dash of playful colour to an outfit, to create a feel-good style that looks amazing.

Perfect for work, the weekend or anything in between

When you shop our extensive range of women’s tops , you will find a happy balance of comfort and style that shifts with each season. Whether you are going for a simple yet classic look, searching for work attire, or dressing up for that special event, each Blue Illusion top is designed to make you look and feel your absolute best. We continually strive to produce more of our range, including our women’s tops with sustainability and health in mind, including our organic cottons and eco-friendly fibres.

With joyful twists on traditional silhouettes, all of our designs are intended to be at the forefront of fashion, including our effortlessly chic women’s tunics . We recommend pairing one of our women’s kaftans with our essential Blue Illusion Bengajean® and a mignon accessory for a casual yet sophisticated look. For cooler months, add a scarf and one of our women’s jackets for French inspired style. However, you want to wear them, our women’s tops are sure to make you stand out and feel chic.

How to take care of your Blue Illusion tops

Care guide for our women’s linen tops

Our linen tops are crafted using French linen and should be washed separately from other fabrics with cold or lukewarm water. They can either be hand or machine washed, but any stains should be cleaned immediately to avoid stubborn stains. Please avoid tumble drying or using bleach and fabric softener.

Care guide for our women’s silk tops

Silk is a delicate material, so it is best to hang your silk tops to avoid creasing. To avoid moths, it is highly recommended that you store your silk blouses in a garment bag and add moth repellent. Any liquid, such as perfume, should not be sprayed directly onto silk as this will stain the fabric.

To wash silk shirts , hand-wash the garment with a silk-friendly detergent. Silk can be dry cleaned, but it is always best to check the care label and follow those instructions.

Care guide for women’s cotton t-shirts and tops

Selected items from our gorgeous collection of women’s tshirts have been crafted from organic cotton. When washing your organic cotton items, we recommend using eco-friendly detergent, while avoiding harsh chemicals, including fabric softeners and stain removers. For best results, hand wash or select a gentle cycle on your washing machine and allow your garment to dry in the shade.