Olivia Newton-John Collaboration

Blue Illusion
Olivia Newton-John

The Heart Of Our Olivia Newton-John Collaboration

A chance meeting in 2018 between Blue Illusion founder and creative director Donna Guest with Dame Olivia Newton-John sparked a connection that would be the heart of our ongoing collaboration and relationship with Olivia Newton-John. With a shared passion for kinder cancer treatments and a love of beautiful clothing, together they created 8 collections to raise money for cancer research.

The Meaning Behind The Butterfly

"The butterfly is nature’s way of reminding us that there is hope in grief. When the caterpillar is no more, the butterfly exists in ultimate freedom and beauty." - Tania Lord

Our final collaboration with Olivia Newton-John featured a majestic butterfly print, the ultimate celebration of Olivia, her beauty, and inner light that touched so many.

The Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund

7% of all sales from this collaboration are donated to the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund. The ONJ Foundation Fund is an independent charity founded by Olivia to support research into plant-based cancer treatments and cures. You can learn more about the foundation and donate at onjfoundationfund.org.

“It’s always been an honour to work with Olivia to support a cause we are both so passionate about. Having watched my beloved suffer with this insidious disease, I couldn’t have been more moved by Olivia’s work in creating a kinder future for those with cancer. Her light will forever be an inspiration to my family.”
- Donna Guest, Blue Illusion Creative Director & Founder