Nathalie Lété Exclusives

About Nathalie Lété

Nathalie Lété is a French artist whose work spans illustration, ceramics & textiles. Her limited-edition designs are characterised by her whimsical, colourful and often avant-garde aesthetic. Inspired by her love of nature and vintage toys, Nathalie's magical style is coveted across the globe.

“I hope that these pyjamas and this robe will bring you a lot of joy as they do for myself. I wish all the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day and I hope that you feel comfortable in these pyjamas.”
- Nathalie Lété

Nathalie Lété x Blue Illusion

Like many others, we too are perpetually inspired and transported by artist Nathalie Lété’s dream-like world. Blue Illusion feels privileged to be one of the few brands to work with Nathalie and are proud to offer our community exclusive and limited-edition pieces. From soft sleepwear to practical homewares and accessories, let Nathalie’s timeless creations spark joy in your home and wardrobe today.

Marking 12 years of collaboration between Nathalie Lété and Blue Illusion, this Mother’s Day we are thrilled to share Nathalie's La Maison Des Chats collection with you. Capturing the chats of the neighbourhood, Nathalie creates a whimsical melody of colour against a canvas of our signature blue.